Big Build : Lighthouse, The; History 2005
Cape Code Reflexions of Beauty; Winner Cape Code Film Festival 2006
Fenerin Ardındaki Şehir; Şile Deniz Feneri (belgesel)
First Light. Montauk Point Lighthouse; A Tom Garber Film 2006
Guardiens of the Light. The lives of the Lighthouse Keepers; Howard Taylor Productions (NZ)
Half Light; Demi Moore, Hans Matheson, James Cosmo. Craig Rosenberg Film
Il était un Phare; Armen,La Vieille,Kéréon…; Thierry Marchandier
Lakeshore Guardians. The United States Life-Saving Sevice; Com-Video Productions
Legendary Lighthouses (I). North Atlantic, Maine, Western Great Lakes, South Atlantic, California, Pacific Northwest
Legendary Lighthouses(II). Havaii, Alaska, Eastern Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico
Lighthoses of North Carolina's Outer Banks; Shoreline Video Communications Inc.
Lighthouses : All Countries
Lighthouses of America; Collector's edition, Matrix Media Inc 2007
Lighthouses. Guardians of the Night; Sofidoc Production 1988
Resimdeki Fener; TRT 2007
Sentinel of the Jersey Cape; John Bailey 2002
The Bell Rock Lighthouse. Docu-drama on Scottish Engineering
The Keepers Cana Island Land & Keepers of the Door; Com-Video Productions 2006
The Lighthouse Stevensons; BBC 2011
Under the Lighthouse Dancing; A Silver Turtle Films Production 1996